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About Us

Hi-tech hair extension techniques

While hair problems are not exactly a serious health problem, it can lead to psychological stress in a person living an active healthy lifestyle. By utilizing the newest in hi-tech hair extension techniques, we are able to decrease this unnecessary stress and improve one’s standard of living.

One step ahead of all the others

Bond Plus hair extensions are one step ahead of all the others. No other hair extension system has developed the technique of attaching additional strands to the customer’s hair without using any glue or chemicals. These traditional bonding techniques often can damage not only the individual’s hair, but also the individual’s health.

Business partners all around Europe

We have extensive business partners all around Europe utilizing our hair extension technique on many long-term customers who all confirm that nothing is like Bond Plus. Our business partners include hospitals, plastic surgeons and oncologists.

Providing all materials and training

Bond Plus provides all the necessary supplies to consumers and subscribers to create hair extensions. In addition to providing all materials to our business partners, we also extensively train them in the use of our products.


Our Mission

Bond Plusis committed to the highest quality hair extension experience for business partners and clients through comprehensive training services, exceptional hair supplies, and innovative technology.

Portion of all profits goes toward research with

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